Kurdish Iraq Spring 2014 – Now Booking

In the Kurdish north of Iraq,  a stable security situation has led to a high level of economic and business development.  British-Kurdish relations are strong and British education has an excellent reputation for  the high quality of its university system, research, teaching and training.  Many government and industry leaders were educated in the UK. Following … Continue reading Kurdish Iraq Spring 2014 – Now Booking

Report: Turkey Spring 2013

UK Education Tour returned to Turkey in April for an intensive weekend of events in Istanbul and Ankara.  The event coincided with the first sunny weekend of the year, ensuring that the students attending were high calibre, serious enquirers about studying in the UK. This event was the first to feature private interviews, where students … Continue reading Report: Turkey Spring 2013

Turkey: New Business Development

 At UK Education Tour we aim to help you develop new markets within Turkey. With over 50 million people living outside of the biggest cities (Istanbul and Ankara) it's important to keep on working at developing recruitment from different regions in  Turkey. So, for UKET Spring 2013 we will follow Baku, Istanbul and Ankara with … Continue reading Turkey: New Business Development

Northern Iraq April 2012

The Kurdish region of northern Iraq is one of the boom areas for applications to the UK, thanks to the  Kurdish Regional Government's Human Capacity Development Programme (HCDP) which for 2 years has sponsored thousands of students to study abroad in order to improve the quality and capacity of Higher Education in the region. The … Continue reading Northern Iraq April 2012