Report: events in Baku

Last week top UK Universities returned to Baku with the Education Tour, held at the JW Absheron Marriott Hotel on April 8 and 9.

Above: Images from the Alumni evening at Baku Marriot Hotel

Despite the devalued Manat and suspended Scholarship Programme, interest in studying in the UK was high and the exhibition was well attended. The group also visited ADA University, and on Friday evening a lively Alumni Reception was held, with over 70 UK Alumni attending.

Above: Images from the student recruitment event at Baku Marriott Hotel

Levant Education continues to be committed to Azerbaijan, working with universities on a variety of levels: networking, alumni events, recruitment events and market analysis. The majority of Levant’s clients use its services to improve brand awareness and direct recruitment, an increasingly important channel for university recruitment to the UK.

The Exhibition and related events will return to Baku in October.

The Independent Complaints Body Verita will soon publish its report into the behaviour of the British Council in Azerbaijan in particular. Levant Education agreed cooperation with the British Council to launch UK-focussed events in Azerbaijan and Turkey in 2012, and paid UKTI for support services. The British Council then used that cooperation and support to launch a competing events, despite assurances of support and non-competition. 

Photos – UKET Azerbaijan Autumn 2014

The original and first UK-focussed education exhibition in Azerbaijan returned to Baku on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th October, combining a high quality exhibition, Education Ministry meeting and an enjoyable Alumni Reception.

Once again universities enjoyed meeting qualified students at the excellent Fairmont Hotel Flame Towers. Students preparing applications for UK universities as part of the Scholarship Programme of the Ministry of Education, as well as many self-funding students, appreciated the opportunity to narrow down their course / university choices.

“Such a successful event. We were very happy with the fair and received very high quality enquiries. Well done! Looking forward to future events.”
Noomi Weinberg, Kings College London. 

“Very well organised, I spoke to a good number of students who seemed of reasonable calibre and the venue was a good one! The boards with notable alumni were also an excellent idea.”
Dan Newby, London School of Economics.

“A successful fair and we met some very good students.”
Hannah Legg, University College London. 

“The fair was very good, it was very busy and as usual the calibre of students was very high. I felt most students were very sharp and ready to take up education abroad”.
Nilufer Rashidova, University of East Anglia. 

“I have to say it was a very well organised event which attracted good quality and number of interested students for us. It is obvious that King’s is well regarded in the market. The alumni event was very good idea, was good to see so many of King’s alumni turning up”.
Nelly Purcell, Kings College London. 

See images from UKET Spring 2014 here!


Baku Flame Towers


UK universities draw Kurdish students

The Kurdish Globe: More than 1,600 students have been granted the opportunity (April 2012)

The higher education relationship between Kurdish students and UK universities has strengthened since the KRG launched its Human Capacity Development program, with additional UK universities willing to enroll Kurdish students intent on studying in the UK.

The former KRG higher education Minister Dr. Dlawar Aladdin and UK University's minister of higher education David Willets speak to reporters during a press conference in Erbil./ GLOBE PHOTO/Safin Hamed
The former KRG higher education Minister Dr. Dlawar Aladdin and UK University’s minister of higher education David Willets speak to reporters during a press conference in Erbil./ GLOBE PHOTO/Safin Hame

Some 14 universities from Britain have visited Kurdistan region in the last couple of weeks. This is the first time a group of eminent foreign universities visit the region, thrilling those who want to continue their studies abroad.

“We have a group of universities coming from UK, some for the first time, and some of them have been investing in a relationship for years with Kurdish universities, helping to train and educate students from the Kurdistan region,” said David Mitchell, managing director at Levant Education Consulting, to The Kurdish Globe.

Mitchell believes the presence of UK universities in Kurdistan is a golden opportunity to further improve educational ties between the two sides and to give students a chance to benefit from quality education in Britain. “The main reason we are here today is to invite potential Kurdish students looking to study in UK.”

“It’s a fabulous success,” said Chris Bowers, British general consul in Kurdistan region, during a press conference at Erbil’s British consulate. “Higher education has been one of our major focuses here. We have a great future ahead in terms of the relationship between Kurdish and British universities, and that is tremendously exciting.”

More than 1,600 students have been granted the opportunity to continue their studies at leading international universities in Europe and the U.S. under the KRG’s Human Capacity Development program, which was launched in 2010 with $100 million. It is administered by the KRG Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


UK Education Tour or the British Council?

Levant Education presents a handy guide to choosing between the 2 events that are now on offer in Kurdistan, Iraq.

Images UKET Kurdistan

UK Education Tour

  • Successful UK-focussed exhibitions in Kurdistan since 2011
  • Feedback, references available – universities already signed up for OCT 2014
  • Free cancellation in the event of HCDP cancellation or security issues
  • Well known in the region by universities, government and students
  • Investing in local language teaching and enrolment support
  • Operated by Levant Education, a UK registered business
  • Suitable for direct recruitment or working with your agency
  • Independent company working with no ties to the UK government

British Council in Kurdistan

  • No exhibition experience
  • No track record or references
  • Event not confirmed
  • Pulled out of its Erbil teaching operation (last month)
  • Underwritten by UK taxpayer money
  • Complicated international network of business entities for tax efficiency (avoidance).
  • No experience in international HE marketing or recruitment
  • Part of British government foreign policy
  • A history of incompetence in exhibition administration

At the last UK Education Tour in Kurdistan, hotel event managers informed us that British Council staff had been in to visit, researching our events, our operations, how we put together our successful events. If you have to ask, you’ll never know…

Sign up for UK Education Tour Kurdistan here! 


Report: Turkey Spring 2013

UK Education Tour returned to Turkey in April for an intensive weekend of events in Istanbul and Ankara. 

The event coincided with the first sunny weekend of the year, ensuring that the students attending were high calibre, serious enquirers about studying in the UK. This event was the first to feature private interviews, where students booked slots for 1-to-1 sessions with UK university officers.

We also added value to this Spring’s event by adding school visits as part of the Tour, with visits to Robert College, MEF and TED Colleges, which were well received by university counsellors and students.

The UK Education Tour is successfully promoting UK education as a high quality, high value option for discerning students looking abroad for university and language education. In an exhibition obsessed market, UK Education Tour is the only UK-only, high-end event that limits participation and is organised independently. This year we were supported by UKTI in Turkey to increase the reach and effectiveness of marketing. 

“If you want to see hoards of people coming through the door, then the UKET fairs are probably not for you. If however you want to meet focused, qualified students in premier venues, then the UKET fairs should be your first choice when considering your marketing activities in Turkey”.David Thornber, Durham University (Turkey & Azerbaijan, November 2012).
“If you want to see hoards of people coming through the door, then the UKET fairs are probably not for you. If however you want to meet focused, qualified students in premier venues, then the UKET fairs should be your first choice when considering your marketing activities in Turkey”.
David Thornber, Durham University (Turkey & Azerbaijan, November 2012).

“UKET provide the best events I have ever attended, consistently attracting the best students and boosting interest in UK education”. 
Claire Taylor, Nottingham University.

PICTURES FROM SPRING 2012 – NOVEMBER 2012 – April 2013

Turkey: New Business Development

 At UK Education Tour we aim to help you develop new markets within Turkey.

With over 50 million people living outside of the biggest cities (Istanbul and Ankara) it’s important to keep on working at developing recruitment from different regions in  Turkey.

So, for UKET Spring 2013 we will follow Baku, Istanbul and Ankara with a 4th city in Turkey: In the early stages we are asking for your opinion as to the city to visit on April 30th 2013:

Adana: Adana is the capital of Adana Province, home to 1.6 million people. The Adana-Mersin metropolitan area has a population of 3 million people. Çukurova University is placed among the top 500 universities of the world in research conducted by Blackwell Publishing, Quacquarelli Symonds and The Times.

Antalya: The population of Antalya has increased significantly in recent years, to over 1 million. The leading economic sectors are tourism, agriculture, ship building and commerce. Akdeniz University has an student body of over 30,000 students.

Gaziantep: A population of 1.4 million, and home to one of Turkey’s largest uninversites – Gaziantep University – and the private Zirve University, Gaziantep has a thriving economy based on industry, importing/exporting, agriculture and tourism. Gaziantep’s tourism industry is thriving, offering Museums dedicated to its recent and ancient history, a Citadel and historic bazaars.

Konya: Central Anatolian Konya has a population of over 1 million people, and Selçuk University is one of the largest public universities in Turkey. Rumi’s tomb is in the city, whose followers established the Mevlevi Sufi order of Islam there and became known as the whirling dervishes.

Trabzon: Trabzon is located on the historic silk road, on the Black Sea in Turkey’s north east. Nearly a million people live in the city and surrounding area. Karadeniz Technical University hosts students from all over Turkey, as well as students from the Turkic states in Central Asia.