Report: events in Baku

Last week top UK Universities returned to Baku with the Education Tour, held at the JW Absheron Marriott Hotel on April 8 and 9. Above: Images from the Alumni evening at Baku Marriot Hotel Despite the devalued Manat and suspended Scholarship Programme, interest in studying in the UK was high and the exhibition was … Continue reading Report: events in Baku

Photos – UKET Azerbaijan Autumn 2014

The original and first UK-focussed education exhibition in Azerbaijan returned to Baku on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th October, combining a high quality exhibition, Education Ministry meeting and an enjoyable Alumni Reception. Once again universities enjoyed meeting qualified students at the excellent Fairmont Hotel Flame Towers. Students preparing applications for UK universities as part of the Scholarship Programme … Continue reading Photos – UKET Azerbaijan Autumn 2014

UK universities draw Kurdish students

The Kurdish Globe: More than 1,600 students have been granted the opportunity (April 2012) The higher education relationship between Kurdish students and UK universities has strengthened since the KRG launched its Human Capacity Development program, with additional UK universities willing to enroll Kurdish students intent on studying in the UK. Some 14 universities from Britain have … Continue reading UK universities draw Kurdish students

UK Education Tour or the British Council?

Levant Education presents a handy guide to choosing between the 2 events that are now on offer in Kurdistan, Iraq. UK Education Tour Successful UK-focussed exhibitions in Kurdistan since 2011 Feedback, references available - universities already signed up for OCT 2014 Free cancellation in the event of HCDP cancellation or security issues Well known in the … Continue reading UK Education Tour or the British Council?

Report: Turkey Spring 2013

UK Education Tour returned to Turkey in April for an intensive weekend of events in Istanbul and Ankara.  The event coincided with the first sunny weekend of the year, ensuring that the students attending were high calibre, serious enquirers about studying in the UK. This event was the first to feature private interviews, where students … Continue reading Report: Turkey Spring 2013

Turkey: New Business Development

 At UK Education Tour we aim to help you develop new markets within Turkey. With over 50 million people living outside of the biggest cities (Istanbul and Ankara) it's important to keep on working at developing recruitment from different regions in  Turkey. So, for UKET Spring 2013 we will follow Baku, Istanbul and Ankara with … Continue reading Turkey: New Business Development