Iran Market Entry Tours

With the recent easing of political tensions and economic sanctions, this is the time to plan your market entry / re-entry in Iran.

David Tehran

Elected in 2013, President Hassan Rouhani has shown greater willingness to work with the West and explore mutually beneficial relationships in business, technology, science and academia.

Iran has one of the world’s fastest growth rates in scientific production, dominating the middle east in the fields of natural sciences, humanities, social sciences and the arts. There is great potential for further growth of international research collaboration and co-authorships, academic exchange and student mobility.

Barriers that have held back partnerships, research and mobility – such as money transfers and visas – are disappearing. There is a massive need for modern education and training development for Iran’s 80 million population – young (30% under 18), urban (70% living in cities) and keen to improve business, technology and language skills. There has never been a better time to visit Iran to build relationships, represent your school / university / institution.

Tailored Market Entry Tours

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With a focus on international education you won’t find elsewhere, Levant Education is offering market-entry visits for 2016/17. From arrival meet & greets to departure transfers and everything in between, we will ensure your visit is safe, well organised, effective and high on value.

Our Market Entry Package is tailor made to your market goals, allowing you to focus on relationships and follow up while we handle logistics, marketing and practicalities.

  • profile in Farsi with Social Media support (UK clients) /
  • profile in Farsi with Social Media support (US, AUS, EU clients)
  • profile in Farsi with social media support (Turkish clients)
  • Dedicated seminar(s) with certified official approval and marketing support
  • Dedicated guide, car, driver
  • Visa invitation letter
  • International Hotels in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Kish
  • Education market report and introductions
  • Agency (follow up) support from Levant Education Study Abroad where required
  • Guided touristic tours when you’ve earned the rest!

Our tours are tailor made and organised with your input, based on your existing / desired market penetration and designed to maximise the time spent in market.  Tell us where you want to go, who you want to meet, what you want to do, and when…we’ll design your tour!

Tehran 3 days, all above services included: £3950 (just add flights). 2nd person from same institution £2250

Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan (for example) 6 days, all above services included: £4950 (just add international flights). 2nd person from same institution £2950

Web Profile Only in Farsi, social media (12 months): £1895

Tour prices are a guide only, we’ll provide an accurate price after consultation. Let’s get started: (no obligation quote with 2 days)

Iranian Graduates Tehran

Upon receiving a form we’ll get in touch and discuss what we can do for you. If you prefer, we’ll be organising education exhibitions / conferences in Iran in October and Spring, allowing you to travel with a group from the sector – news to follow! 

Focussed International Student Recruitment with PPC Advertising is our exclusive platform for generating student enquiries. Members of benefit from being on the most focussed website for study in the UK in the region, with an optimised profile in the right language.

The membership package includes:

  • Fully optimised and translated profile
  • Managed £1000 PPC campaigns per market to generate enquiries
  • Guaranteed enquiries and enrolments
  • Additional managed PPC campaigns at cost price
  • Social media links and regular articles
  • Monthly reports
  • A ‘Shout Package’ – 2 weeks of online and real world marketing to promote your visit/event in-market
  • Follow up / conversion if required (with Levant Education Study Abroad)

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

While most UK schools and universities are now investing in some form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on search engines and social media platforms nationally, PPC for international student recruitment is still relatively under-utilised, due to complications such as language and cultural differences.

Where it is attempted, advertisers often target the wrong platforms, or use keywords/phrases better suited to an English speaking audience. There are clear competitive advantages for those who do some research, harness local knowledge and prepare accordingly, as well as cost effectiveness and ROI benefits.

For many years international marketing managers have committed serious budget to attending fairs, unsure of how they were promoted and usually feeling like the students attending are either at a very early stage in their research about study abroad, or actually interested in something related but a million miles from studying in the UK.

For example, many students attend fairs in Turkey because they see advertising about work & travel programs, scholarships or competitions to win prizes. Exhibitors pay a fortune to meet the random results of such marketing.

Why use PPC advertising

With most pre-purchase research carried out online these days, PPC advertising offers a much more targeted way to reach students – and you only pay when the student has shown an interest. Anyone searching for ‘work and travel’ will be safely guided to a suitable site, while a student searching for ‘UK master in Engineering’ or ‘language course London’ for example, can be directed to the right information.

In sales, we always prefer qualified leads, and the beauty of PPC advertising is that the leads, or prospective students, qualify themselves!

The main challenges for international student recruitment concern linguistics and specific market knowledge. Not only does the landing page designed to catch the students need to contain the relevant information in the right language, the PPC advertising needs to use the right combination of keywords and phrases that enhance conversions and beat the competing advertisers.

Sample Month
5000 visitors per Month (

Before you even get to designing a PPC campaign, you need to be sure you will be using the right platforms. In Turkey, 91% of searches are carried out on in the Turkish language. Facebook is widely used, as is Twitter and Linked In. In Azerbaijan different platforms are effective in different combinations.A well-managed campaign will pay attention to bidding strategies, budgets and scheduling to enhance the conversion rates of any campaign.

Pay Per Click Campaign

You may be very familiar with the keywords that students are using to search your university domestically, but for successful PPC campaigns in Turkey, for example, local assistance is invaluable. Simply translating your existing content or campaigns, and not taking into account cultural subtleties and up-to-date searching patterns, will harm results. The same goes for the information displayed on your landing pages also.

Click here for an example of a landing page in Turkish, or here for Azerbaijan, on our targeted site for UK education enquiries, Click here for more membership information and registration.