Total Recruitment – Baku Autumn 2017

This weekend hosted a full programme of recruitment activities for high-end UK universities in Baku, Azerbaijan. "Thanks for a good event – we can always rely on you guys to deliver! As we know it’s about being targeted and I was pleased with the type of visitors to the fair". Joanne Jacobs, University of … Continue reading Total Recruitment – Baku Autumn 2017

Kurdish Iraq Spring 2014 – Now Booking

In the Kurdish north of Iraq,  a stable security situation has led to a high level of economic and business development.  British-Kurdish relations are strong and British education has an excellent reputation for  the high quality of its university system, research, teaching and training.  Many government and industry leaders were educated in the UK. Following … Continue reading Kurdish Iraq Spring 2014 – Now Booking

Northern Iraq April 2012

The Kurdish region of northern Iraq is one of the boom areas for applications to the UK, thanks to the  Kurdish Regional Government's Human Capacity Development Programme (HCDP) which for 2 years has sponsored thousands of students to study abroad in order to improve the quality and capacity of Higher Education in the region. The … Continue reading Northern Iraq April 2012