Total Recruitment – Baku Autumn 2017

This weekend hosted a full programme of recruitment activities for high-end UK universities in Baku, Azerbaijan.

“Thanks for a good event – we can always rely on you guys to deliver! As we know it’s about being targeted and I was pleased with the type of visitors to the fair”.
Joanne Jacobs, University of Manchester.

In a challenging market all channels are important to maximise recruitment opportunities, and (a division of Levant Education) aims for a ‘Total Recruitment’ performance, with marketing initiatives including high school visits, online and social media, alumni events and the exhibition, our 10th since 2012.

With concerns about the economy in Azerbaijan and falling recruitment numbers, it was rewarding to see that the strength and appeal of UK education endures.

See you back in Baku next year !

Kurdish Iraq Spring 2014 – Now Booking

In the Kurdish north of Iraq,  a stable security situation has led to a high level of economic and business development.  British-Kurdish relations are strong and British education has an excellent reputation for  the high quality of its university system, research, teaching and training.  Many government and industry leaders were educated in the UK.

“UKET is well organised and a well connected fair to the people in Kurdistan.
It is well known by the Ministry and has been running for some years which gives us confidence to attend the next one”. Kathryn Land, University of Portsmouth (Autumn 2013)

Following more excellent events in 2013, will be returning to Sulaymaniyah, a vibrant commercial city in the east of the region, and home to the Univeristy of Sulaymaniyah. We will then head to Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan and one of the oldest continually-inhabited cities in the world. As well as the University of Salahaddin, there are several public and private universities in Erbil and surrounding cities.

UK Education Tour N. Iraq 2012
UK Education Tour N. Iraq 2012

The Human Capacity Development Program in Higher Education (HCDP) is an ambitious program that aims to develop human capacities in Kurdistan Region in the field of higher education. An annual KRG budget of one hundred and twenty billion dinars (GBP62 million) is allocated to the scheme. It provides an opportunity for thousands of distinguished young men and women to continue their education in internationally renowned universities.

Up to 2000 students will be sponsored to study abroad in 2013/14. Furthermore, the Iraq Education Initiative scholarship programme, run by the Iraqi government in Baghdad, aims to send 10,000 PG students abroad every year until 2015.

“The event provided an excellent opportunity to network effectively with Ministerial and institutional staff, to meet and understand more fully the needs of some ambitious and talented students”.Jeremy Burgess, Warwick University (Kurdistan, October 2012).
“The event provided an excellent opportunity to network effectively with Ministerial and institutional staff, to meet and understand more fully the needs of some ambitious and talented students”.
Jeremy Burgess, Warwick University (Kurdistan, October 2012).


Tuesday 4th MarchSulaymaniyah

Afternoon: Briefing, Exhibition
Evening: UKET Dinner, Suleymaniyah

Wednesday 5th March: Erbil International Hotel
Morning: Scenic drive to Erbil
Afternoon: UKET Official Opening, Exhibition
Evening: UKET Dinner

Thursday 6th March: Erbil International Hotel
Morning: UK Education Exhibition
Afternoon: UK Education Exhibition

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“Very worthwhile, well targeted and good fun”

Joanne Jacobs, University of Manchester.

“Very effective, well organised event. Well done!”
Nick Bradley, University of Swansea.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and will happily attend again”.
David Stoll, Aberdeen University.

“Exceptional organisation leading to a relaxed and convivial working atmosphere. Many students at both fairs ‘asked all the right questions’ and were genuinely seeking advice on their UK study plans!”
Sarah Byrne, Liverpool School of English.

“Another great event, especially the meeting with the Ministry of Higher Education”
Tim Kerr Dineen, Kings Colleges.

“Well organised on the day and the UKET team were friendly and supportive. I think the events were effective and would consider doing them again”.
Siobhan Robinson, Cardiff  Metropolitan University

Northern Iraq April 2012

The Kurdish region of northern Iraq is one of the boom areas for applications to the UK, thanks to the  Kurdish Regional Government’s Human Capacity Development Programme (HCDP) which for 2 years has sponsored thousands of students to study abroad in order to improve the quality and capacity of Higher Education in the region. The programme will run for 2 years more at least.

As visitors will have seen, development and growth is occurring at an amazing pace, after years of oppression under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein.

This October UK Education Tour will return for the third time to northern Iraq. Returning exhibitors have already booked their place, therefore all interested parties should not hesitate to check details and register here. studybritish

Interested in joining us in Iraq?