Our Services

Levant Education was formed to answer the increasingly challenging and diverse demands of international education, and we have been working with governments, universities and students to facilitate academic interactions and international student mobility.

We work with universities, schools and agents to maximise exposure and increase student recruitment opportunities – both online and offline – in Turkey, Iraq and Azerbaijan.

Higher Education Regional Office

Working with global education providers to provide direct and agency channels with support in-market; managing alumnimarketing; providing managed online advertising and reporting; enhanced conversion services with guaranteed ROI

Levant Education Study Abroad 

Our agency works closely with education providers to provide recruitment and marketing services in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Iran. Opened in 2012, our team pools 30 years experience from the front line of international education marketing and recruitment.

International Education Exhibitions and Events

newbanner15cWe have been providing international education events in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Iran since 2010. Our events are boutique, targeted and effectivefor our partners. Don’t take our word for it…

Education & Training Missions

Tailor made missions to Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan and Iraq for recruitment, relationship building, business development and teacher training. 

Looking for specialised, in-market support?

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