Your Own Regional Office

Do you have a recruitment problem? Would you like to take control of recruitment from Turkey/Iran/Azerbaijan but don’t have the staff? Do you want to increase applications and conversions from these markets?


Your own Manager & Office in Istanbul!

We provide a complete service designed to achieve your recruitment goals from Turkey, Iran and Azerbaijan. We will supply a local Market Manager, vetted and recruited for their suitability for the role, working from a professional office in Istanbul.

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With your own Regional / Turkey Office :

  • Employ your own Country / Regional Manager
  • Support and improve agency networks
  • Generate and manage applications in-market
  • Drive marketing activity in local languages
  • Handle applications locally in real time
  • Support students post acceptance to increase conversion
  • Provide accepted students with expert visa support
  • Support local partnerships and collaborations
  • Manage alumni marketing activity

Thinking about employing a local Manager to provide full local support to agencies and schools? Get in touch!