Your Own Regional Office

Do you have a recruitment problem? Would you like to take control of recruitment from Turkey/Iran/Azerbaijan but don’t have the staff? Do you want to increase applications and conversions from these markets?


HERO: Your own Manager & Office in Istanbul!

We provide a complete white-labelled service designed to achieve your recruitment goals from Turkey, Iran and Azerbaijan. We will provide a dedicated local Market Manager, vetted and recruited for their suitability for the role, working from a professional office in Istanbul.

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With your own Regional / Turkey Office :

  • Employ your own Country / Regional Manager
  • Support and improve sales and marketing channels
  • Generate and manage business in-market
  • Drive marketing activity in local languages
  • Handle applications locally in real time
  • Support students post acceptance to increase conversion
  • Provide accepted students with expert visa support
  • Support local partnerships and collaborations
  • Manage alumni marketing activity

Case study: Dublin International Foundation College (DIFC)

DIFC provides foundation courses and Pre-Master programmes for international students progressing onto Higher Education in Ireland, the UK and (especially in the case of Medicine) globally.


Thanks to its contract with Levant Education, DIFC now has a fully operational Regional Office in Istanbul, with network offices in Tehran and Baku. Sales and Marketing are carried out by the Regional Team, supplied by Levant Education. This way marketing, enquiries and enrolments are dealt with locally, in the local language, in real time. The Regional Office is developing a network of local agencies, with diligence and vetting carried out by our experienced team. As a result, DIFC welcomed its first students from the region in September 2018.


Thinking about employing a local Manager to provide full local support to agencies and schools? Get in touch!