Photos – UKET Azerbaijan Autumn 2014

The original and first UK-focussed education exhibition in Azerbaijan returned to Baku on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th October, combining a high quality exhibition, Education Ministry meeting and an enjoyable Alumni Reception.

Once again universities enjoyed meeting qualified students at the excellent Fairmont Hotel Flame Towers. Students preparing applications for UK universities as part of the Scholarship Programme of the Ministry of Education, as well as many self-funding students, appreciated the opportunity to narrow down their course / university choices.

“Such a successful event. We were very happy with the fair and received very high quality enquiries. Well done! Looking forward to future events.”
Noomi Weinberg, Kings College London. 

“Very well organised, I spoke to a good number of students who seemed of reasonable calibre and the venue was a good one! The boards with notable alumni were also an excellent idea.”
Dan Newby, London School of Economics.

“A successful fair and we met some very good students.”
Hannah Legg, University College London. 

“The fair was very good, it was very busy and as usual the calibre of students was very high. I felt most students were very sharp and ready to take up education abroad”.
Nilufer Rashidova, University of East Anglia. 

“I have to say it was a very well organised event which attracted good quality and number of interested students for us. It is obvious that King’s is well regarded in the market. The alumni event was very good idea, was good to see so many of King’s alumni turning up”.
Nelly Purcell, Kings College London. 

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Baku Flame Towers


UKET Baku Spring 2014 – Feedback

Thank you for attending UK Education Tour, Baku Spring 2014. We hope you enjoyed the events, and found the events useful for your recruitment goals.

Our aim at Levant Education is to provide focussed events that maximise opportunities to meet serious students and conduct real counselling / interviews, rather than the circus-style events that are created when gimmicks, scholarships and imaginative iPad competitions are employed.

Education marketing in Azerbaijan requires more subtlety than that. Contacts, relationships and trust are built over time, and we seek to work with local institutions and government representatives, rather than British government agencies. Our marketing emphasises the quality of UK education, without resorting to rent-a-crowd tactics.

UKET Reception Cocktail
UKET Reception Cocktail

Number of visitors Baku:
Pre Registered: 496
Registered on the Day: 102
Actual Attendance on the day: 315
UG/PG: 25%/75%

Our number one priority is the quality of our events, and happy exhibitors, so feedback is what shapes our events. Therefore thank you for taking the time to provide us with your thoughts!

Team UKET Baku
Team UKET Baku

UKET Baku Spring 2014 – Photos

UK Education Tour returned to Baku this April to a new venue, but another successful event for UK education. 

The visit included a meeting with a local A level school, a reception with VIPs from the Azerbaijan Ministry of Education and local education institutions, and an exhibition that attracted 300+ UK-focussed students.

"Really enjoyed Baku. A good event and the usual quality not quantity approach”. Joanne Jacobs, University of Manchester.
“Really enjoyed Baku. A good event and the usual quality not quantity approach”. Joanne Jacobs, University of Manchester.