Education Seminars and Enrolment Sessions, Istanbul 2016

12th October 2016 Targeted recruitment sessions in Nisantisi, Istanbul Registrations are open for universities, high schools, summer schools and pathway providers to attend our Study Abroad exhibition on Wednesday 12th October 2016. Our targeted, well-focussed event aims to attract students who are ready to enrol for international universities and pathway programmes abroad. Students will be pre-filtered and attending with … Continue reading Education Seminars and Enrolment Sessions, Istanbul 2016

Language School Marketing Essentials

Every language training provider struggles to strike a balance between finding students itself, if possible; and supporting agencies that are established in-market. Word-of-mouth referrals aside, very few providers can generate significant new enrolments without supporting an agent network. Click below to download a quick guide to the more common marketing strategies / initiatives in our industry: Language School … Continue reading Language School Marketing Essentials

Turkey: the next prime location for overseas recruitment?

UK and US universities could profit from growing appetite for study abroad, says report 12 September 2013, Times Higher Education | By Jack Grove A strong desire to study abroad among Turkey’s growing number of young people makes the country a prime location for international student recruitment, a study suggests. Some 95 per cent of … Continue reading Turkey: the next prime location for overseas recruitment?

Students Feel the Heat in Turkey

Since the widespread, largely peaceful protests in Turkey (against irresponsible town planning, corruption, creeping islamisation, police brutality, and more) were successfully if brutally suppressed by the state in June, Turkey has returned to a sort of normality, all be it one that is more deeply divided than ever.While the root causes of the protests continue … Continue reading Students Feel the Heat in Turkey

Tension brings Turkey to the Brink

This morning we took the Metro to our office in Nisantasi. Over the weekend Prime Minister Erdogan has been making bellicose speeches that seem designed to divide the nation, and 'his' Police force  (he always uses the possessive adjective)  locked down Taksim and the surrounding areas in order to prevent protesters or trade unions gathering. … Continue reading Tension brings Turkey to the Brink

Unrest in Turkey

Implications of the unrest in Turkey for student recruitment from Turkey While the demonstrations are ongoing and the results still uncertain, there are some pointers for the international education student recruitment industry: Traditional Media: For several years now the Turkish media has effectively been shackled, with dissenting  newspapers facing crippling fines for daring to oppose … Continue reading Unrest in Turkey

Turkish Market Report 2012 – what the British Council wouldn’t print

The 'English Language Market Report: Turkey' was written by Levant Education and published by English UK and the British Council in September 2012.  Although the taxpayer-funded British Council's Istanbul office costs £5m per year to run and staff, nobody in that office felt confident enough in their knowledge of education exports to write it, so … Continue reading Turkish Market Report 2012 – what the British Council wouldn’t print

Digital Marketing + Event Promotion

Harness online marketing in Turkish to attract students to your event in Turkey..How can you conduct local digital marketing to reach Turkish students in the real world?Levant Education conducts events and marketing campaigns in Turkey with a single theme: studying in the enables our members to run year-round content marketing in Turkish, fully plugged into  Turkish social … Continue reading Digital Marketing + Event Promotion