Iraq Scholarships Workshop

UK universities and schools, working with Levant Education Group, joined forces in Dubai last week (February 23,34) to meet with the Iraqi Ministry of Education to discuss opportunities for collaborations and support for Iraqi scholarship programmes that aim to internationalise Higher Education in Iraq, and to increase quality and capacity. The aim of the workshop … Continue reading Iraq Scholarships Workshop

USA targets Iraqi students

Iraq: Governments Work on Grants for Iraqis to Study in the U.S. With the withdrawal of American combat troops from Iraq, the U.S. State Department and Iraqi government are beginning to step up efforts to enroll thousands of Iraqi students in American universities. The number of Iraqi students studying in the United States was up … Continue reading USA targets Iraqi students

Iraq Education Summit Dubai 2013

 Iraq Education & Technology Summit (IETS)   23-24 February 2013, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dubai, UAE OVERVIEW  Following on from our successful UK HE events in northern Iraq over the past 2 years, Levant Education is working in partnership with CWI Summits and Iraq Prosperity, to assist the Iraqi government in rebuilding education capacity and education levels, … Continue reading Iraq Education Summit Dubai 2013