Certificate of Offshore Proficiency in English

We have developed and licensed the Certificate of Offshore Proficiency in English (COPE) to meet the need of the offshore oil and gas sector to ensure crew are proficient in English for their jobs, for safety and for relationships while working offshore.


Available exclusively from Levant Education and accredited partners, our BOSIET certified team can deliver the exam offshore/onboard or remotely, anywhere in the world. We also provide preparation courses where required, to train crew from beginner to intermediate levels.

As well as General English, we provide training and examinations in English for Deck crew, Drilling crew and Maintenance crew, the 3 main departments working offshore on rigs, semi-submersibles, and drillships.


The Certificate covers English communication skills and vocational knowledge, and is available for 3 levels:

  • COPE Essentials (A1 Beginners)
  • COPE 1 (CEFR A2) (Offshore)
  • COPE 2 (CEFR B1) (Drilling/Marine/Maintenance)
  • COPE 3 (CEFR B2) (Drilling/Marine/Maintenance)
  • COPE 4 (CEFR C1) (Drilling/Marine/Maintenance)

Courses and exams are available offshore/onboard, in our centres or online using Zoom Meetings for 1 to 1 or small groups. Exams are provided securely and are different every time. There is a speaking component that uses video and Zoom to our in-house, experienced examiners (if the test is taken remotely).

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