Career and Vocational Language Training

Based in Istanbul, our Language Training Division provides specialist training to a range of industries, from Fashion to Hospitality, Logistics to Oil & Gas.

Some of the clients of our Language Training Division include:

Turkish Petroleum / Caspian Drilling Company

Levant Education is the exclusive provider of offshore language training in the mediterranean, delivering vocational English and Turkish language training to employees in the oil & gas sector. We developed and continue to deliver a tailored programme of English Training for Oil & Gas professionals, as well as Turkish Essentials for international offshore workers.

Arkas Logistics

Arkas is a leading logistics company providing rapid, reliable, high-quality and profit-making logistics services for its regional customers, using its own facilities and equipment. Levant Education delivered a lengthy contract to train the HR division of this important logistics and shipping company, based in Istanbul.

St Regis Hotel, IstanbulĀ 

Founded by renowned entrepreneur John Jacob Astor IV in 1904, St. Regis is renowned for its tradition of innovation and impeccable service. Levant Education provides language training to St Regis staff to ensure international standards of communication and excellence.

Fashion and Theatre

Levant Education’s Regional Office in Istanbul is situated in fashionable Nisantasi, the destination for luxury brands and fashionable boutiques. We have had the good fortune to coach leading figures from the arts and fashion worlds, including top fashion designer Neslisah Yilmaz and theatre actress Dilek Turker.

IELTS and Exams

Levant Education has many years experience preparing students as well as placing them on study programmes abroad. We specialise in IELTS training, Pearson Academic Test and Legal English Preparation.

Junior English Prep
Fun and effective English preparation in Istanbul and summer programmes in the UK/USA/Ireland/Switzerland/France.

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