EFL Management Training in Iran

The Iranian EFL market is one of the largest in the world, with an estimated 16,000 language centres employing hundreds of thousands of teachers, training millions of students.

Teachers are highly skilled and highly qualified, having travelled abroad for CELTA training and obtained masters degrees in Teaching and TEFL.

The demand for ongoing professional development in Iran is therefore huge. However Iranian EFL teachers and managers can have difficulties obtaining visas to travel to workshops abroad, and trainers and lecturers have similar issues working in Iran.

Levant Education works across markets in Western Asia and provides solutions for such challenging circumstances. This week we had the pleasure of welcoming 20 Language Academy Directors from Tehran, to our Istanbul HQ. The Directors work for one of Iran’s leading language training companies, employing 1000 teachers and educating 30,000 students per term.

workshop1_webMulti-lingual, multi-talented and multi-functional Thom Jones lead a lively and enjoyable day’s training covering creative teaching methods, motivation strategy, management challenges and best practice.

David Mitchell, Levant Education Director:  “Thanks to a lot of great work by our Turkish and Iranian colleagues – and excellent partners such as Thom and our clients in Iran – we are really excited by the possibilities for international education and EFL development in this exciting market”.



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