Tehran & Isfahan Autumn 2017

Tehran: November 26, 27
Isfahan: November 28


With the opening of our Iran offices in Tehran and Isfahan, we are delighted to invite Higher Education and Pathway partners to attend seminar/interview sessions to meet Iranian students and their families.

Levant Education has led 2 market entry missions to Iran in the past year, and has developed online/social media channels to support education marketing in Farsi.

Our teams in Istanbul, Tehran and Isfahan are preparing for sustained marketing campaigns in Iran in the coming months and year ahead.

Levant Education HE partners
Seminars in Tehran and Isfahan: £2950 (Tehran only £2500)
Supported by targeted social media campaign, magazine distribution, database communications and WoMM. Senior Levant Education personnel can stand in where travel to Iran is difficult, e.g. visa issues.

Credit card payments are not available in Iran, and bank transfers are difficult. Levant Education will ensure hotel bookings and internal travel are safely arranged.

For more information and a registration form, please complete the following form:


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