Iran Education & Training Mission 2017

Tehran & Kish: April 23-27 2017

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Why Iran?

The nuclear non-proliferation deal agreed last year between Iran and the international community has brought a progressive lifting of international sanctions. The detente opens the way for international re-engagement with all education sectors in Iran, such as:

  • Higher education: research collaboration, faculty and student exchange and mobility;
  • Business and vocational training: especially in Business Management, IT, Oil & Gas, Medical;
  • Language training: English language training and ELT teacher training;
  • Secondary education: curriculum support, classroom technology, school operators.

As President Hassan Rouhani told reporters in Tehran in August, “Foreigners must bring investment and technology and partner with Iranians so that both sides can benefit by winning a share of the Iranian and regional markets. The ultimate aim is to create employment for our youth.”

After years of international isolation, there is a great need in Iran for modernisation, internationalisation, language, vocational and academic training development. It is estimated that one in four Iranian graduates leave the country to pursue their career or life goals, with a loss of US$50 billion to Iran’s economy. It more vital than ever for Iran to provide education, training and career pathways that will help graduates – 60% of whom are female – contribute back to their country.

More than half of Iran’s 18-24 year old population are enrolled in post-secondary education and 85% of them are self-funded, which equates to a market of US$3 billion a year. Education capacity in the country has expanded, yet Iran will likely look to foreign partners to help them overcome economic and social challenges at home. Study abroad continues to grow, with 50,000 Iranians enrolling on a foreign education programme every year.

With the recent easing of political tensions and economic sanctions combined with a more open attitude, there is still time to plan your market entry or re-entry into Iran. The opportunities for both Iranian and international investors, businesses and institutions are exceptional, and partnerships will be key to achieving results in the Iranian market.

About the Mission

The Iran Education & Training Mission 2017 will be the perfect opportunity to meet senior colleagues from both private and public Iranian universities, colleges and schools.

We have also invited Ministerial level delegates from Government, and representatives of major companies interested in training contracts, education projects and business partnerships.

Who will attend:

  • Universities, colleges and language centres
  • Language training companies and publishers
  • Language testing companies
  • Vocational training providers and purchasers
  • Education provision and school operators 

Dates and locations


Saturday 22 April 2017:
– Ministry of Education seminar
– Legal & Financial Seminar
– Visit to State University in Tehran
– ELT in Iran seminar
– Cultural visit
– Networking Dinner

Sunday 23 April 2017:
– Afternoon official visit, evening VIP Reception

Monday 24 April 2017:
– Seminar: Introduction to Iran Education Market: Background, Education System, Legal & Financial, State & Private, Internationalisation
– Visit to private HE provider in Tehran
– Visit to a 2nd private HE provider in Tehran
– Cultural visit
– Networking Dinner, Private HE Sector

Tuesday 25 April:
– Cultural visits
– Fly to Kish Island


Wednesday 26 April:
– Seminar: Education opportunities in Kish
– Meetings with local education leaders
– Tour of Kish Island

Thursday 27 April:
– Morning Event with Kish Island students: Kish Island is home to several international universities and Iranian private HE providers, with over 50,000 students enrolled on UG or PG programmes. 

Iran is a wonderful country to visit however events can change at short notice due to unforeseeable circumstances. The itinerary is therefore subject to updates/additions/change. 

Apply to attend

REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED. WE WILL BE LEADING A GROUP OF IRISH AND CANADIAN UNIVERSITIES TO TEHRAN AND KISH. To receive information about future missions and reports, please fill out the form below : 

About Levant Education

We have been successfully organiau_shiraz_group_webising education and training events to the highest standard with international universities, schools, training companies and national education ministries for over six years. We organised the first Iran Education Mission in September 2016, and hope you can join us on this exciting follow-up mission. All delegates will receive a comprehensive 60-page guide to the Iran Education Market, and an online profile in Farsi on or


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