UK Education Tour or the British Council?

Levant Education presents a handy guide to choosing between the 2 events that are now on offer in Kurdistan, Iraq.

Images UKET Kurdistan

UK Education Tour

  • Successful UK-focussed exhibitions in Kurdistan since 2011
  • Feedback, references available – universities already signed up for OCT 2014
  • Free cancellation in the event of HCDP cancellation or security issues
  • Well known in the region by universities, government and students
  • Investing in local language teaching and enrolment support
  • Operated by Levant Education, a UK registered business
  • Suitable for direct recruitment or working with your agency
  • Independent company working with no ties to the UK government

British Council in Kurdistan

  • No exhibition experience
  • No track record or references
  • Event not confirmed
  • Pulled out of its Erbil teaching operation (last month)
  • Underwritten by UK taxpayer money
  • Complicated international network of business entities for tax efficiency (avoidance).
  • No experience in international HE marketing or recruitment
  • Part of British government foreign policy
  • A history of incompetence in exhibition administration

At the last UK Education Tour in Kurdistan, hotel event managers informed us that British Council staff had been in to visit, researching our events, our operations, how we put together our successful events. If you have to ask, you’ll never know…

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