Azerbaijan Ministry of Education Updates Scholarship List

Number of Recognised UK Universities up to 40

Azerbaijan Scholarships
The official number of UK Universities permitted to receive Azerbaijan Government Sponsored students has been increased to 40 following a review by  the Ministry of Education.

The news comes as a relief to UK universities who last year were removed from the approved list, with no clear reason for the change, including the Universities of Warwick, Leicester and Aberdeen.

Universities met with the Ministry of Education during the Levant Education’s UK Education Tour in October, and efforts to reinstate UK universities have been ongoing from the universities, from Levant Education and the British Embassy in Baku.

UK Education Tour returns to Azerbaijan in April, with UK universities such as Manchester, Warwick, Newcastle and University of East Anglia looking forward to meeting UK-focussed students at the Fairmont Hotel in the famous flame towers of Baku.

The new Azerbaijan approved list of UK universities is as follows:

  1. Aston University
  2. Bristol University
  3. Cambridge University
  4. City University London
  5. Edinburgh University
  6. Heriot-Watt University
  7. Imperial College London
  8. King’s College London
  9. London Business School
  10. London International Film School
  11. London School of Economics
  12. Manchester University
  13. Oxford University
  14. Royal College of Art
  15. Royal Veterinary College
  16. School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
  17. University College London
  18. University of Aberdeen
  19. University of Bath
  20. University of Birmingham
  21. University of Cardiff
  22. University of Durham
  23. University of East Anglia
  24. University of Exeter
  25. University of Glasgow
  26. University of Lancaster
  27. University of Leeds
  28. University of Leicester
  29. University of Liverpool
  30. University of Loughborough
  31. University of Newcastle
  32. University of Nottingham
  33. University of Queen Mary
  34. University of Royal Holloway
  35. University of Sheffield
  36. University of Southampton
  37. University of St. Andrews
  38. University of Surrey
  39. University of Warwick
  40. University of York 

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