Reach Turkish students with Facebook

Reach turkish Students with Facebook

Our social networking research shows that Facebook penetration in Turkey is 40.45% of the country’s population, and 89.91% of Internet users in Turkey use Facebook. The total number of FB users in Turkey is reaching 31,467,900 and grew by more than 152040 in the last 6 months.

Turkish students are the most active population in terms of social media use. Members of can advertise on Turkish Facebook for free – ie we will not charge a service fee or commission for placing your ads on Facebook.

If you are a member institution, begin your targeted advertising campaign here: 

We can target all or specific universities for your campaign. We can also target High School students with languages or specific interests.

Monthly campaigns will be your decision: For example, if you choose the 3 month option, we will agree with you 3 specific months during the year to switch on your campaign. You will receive a full click-through report and cost-per-click analysis. The ideal times to activate your campaign are during your visits to Turkey, or during peaks in the student recruitment recruitment cycle.

For further details please contact our Social Media manager, Behiye Bilgin:
behiye.bilgin(@) +90 212 231 2543. 

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