turkish fairs

Turkey is known to be education fair crazy! But are you reaching the right students by attending them?

Turkish fair organisers have learned from experience that school representatives want to see numbers.

The lower segment of the pyramid is therefore what you tend to see at Turkish fairs.  It’s easy to attract these numbers if you advertise the event with free local courses or with prizes. And the numbers are fine if you run a local language school, Work & Travel agency or can place students in cheap courses abroad. However, this is not fine if you are a UK university or quality language school…

UKET is not a fair. It is a UK education exhibition. We aim for the top segment of students because we exhibit with the best UK universities, and a small number of the UK’s best language schools. Our marketing focusses on study in the UK, and targets the right segment in Turkey for UK education.

In short, quality is our aim, not quantity.

“Excellent venue and space to meet students. Good quality enquiries and no time wasters”.
Laura Hayes, SOAS.

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