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Use Turkish language web videos to attract more Turkish students…

Are you still using English language-only web videos in your marketing / social media?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to speak to potential students in their own language? 

Like everybody else, Turkish students research big decisions and talk about them with their friends / family in their own language. If you’re not speaking that language, you will not be able to get your message across. can both produce and publicize web videos in Turkish, for the Turkish market. Whether you want to overdub commentaries / subtitles onto your existing videos,  or produce a new video featuring your Turkish students on-campus, we can make it happen for less lira than you’d think – in fact as little as £400.

Furthermore, using your current students to present your campus / school will help the video go viral among their friends and family back home, and show others what they’re missing.

If you would like to discuss (in English) how you can market locally (in Turkish), leave us a message below or call David on +90 545 640 1165.

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