Welcome to Baku

The eyes of the world are this week on the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Baku is also on the radar of UK universities who are seeing a rise in applications from the oil and gas-rich country, whose young population favour Britain over other international education destinations.

The “State Program for the study of Azerbaijani youth abroad” provides opportunities for education and training abroad in subjects required for the development of the country. “State Program for study of Azerbaijani youth abroad for 2007-2015” was prepared and serves to establish a single system to organize the study of Azerbaijani youth abroad.

There is a wide variety of subjects that are seen as ‘priority’ for the Azeri Government, from Business to Tourism, Computing, Engineering, Geology, Law and Social Sciences. The full list can be downloaded here.  Azeri students are sponsored for Bachelors, Masters and PhD studies, and receive a monthly stipend of €1750 per month.

The education system provides for 11 years of High School, meaning that Azerbaijan is also a market for undergraduate Foundation courses.

UK Education Tour will be in Baku on November 23 and 24, combining a student exhibition with a networking event for local businesses, government representatives and Azeri – UK alumni.

If you are interested in joining us in Baku, click here for more details. Places are limited.

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